Rabbits For Sale

Our rabbits at Bek’s Bunnies are sold between the ages of 7 – 9 weeks depending on when they are ready to leave.

They come vet checked and vaccinated against calisivirus by Melbourne’s leading rabbit vet Dr Gerry Skinner from The Rabbit Doctors.

They come with some food to get you started, a birth certificate, fact sheet, and a consultation on how to care for your rabbit in our friendly home studio and follow up advice if needed. We make sure our babies find the best pet homes possible and that you as new bunny owners have all the information about rabbit care and feel comfortable with your new pet.

Sorry we sell to pet homes only, rabbits do not come rung or with a pedigree for showing.

Prices range between $200 – $300.

To place a rabbit on hold a $50 deposit is needed.

To stay up to date with litters born and in the nest please follow us on facebook. Once available for sale, photos and details will be posted here.

Due to calisivirus visiting is not possible, so bunnies are placed on hold from photos and picked up once ready to leave. This ensures that your rabbit has only come into contact with my family and Dr Gerry.


Follow us on Facebook to be notified when new litters are born.

Chinchilla Butterfly


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Chinchilla Butterfly




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