Your Pet's Stay



Food is included in your boarding fees. Your pets will be fed a balanced diet of high quality Jack Rabbit Pellets, Rye and Clover hay along with fresh vegetables daily.

Common vegetables include silver beet, celery, spinach, broccoli, parsley and carrots.

When available we also give rose cuttings, apple tree branches, willow branches and weeds such as dandelions.

If you feed something different, such as a mix, you are required to provide your own. We are happy to fit in with your needs.


Our facilities are 100% escape and predator proof.

All runs have wire mesh on the ground so rabbits can’t dig out and nothing can get in. The area is also fenced off for extra safety.

Interaction between boarding pets who do not know each other is strictly forbidden. This is not just because of risk of pregnancy but also because of the high risk of fighting that could lead to serious injury.

We urge anyone who is considering boarding that offers ‘Bunny Play Time” to think about the consequences, and the very real risk of fighting and injury.

Ice Pack


Rabbit and guinea pig boarding is most important in the summer months. Small pets are very vulnerable and if not looked after well your rabbit or guinea pig could die from heat stroke.

We have large outdoor freezers that hold around 80 – 100 ice packs. Each pet is given up to 3 ice packs throughout the day in extreme heat. The pens also have pavers in them that are hosed down so they are cool to lie on.

We also have an indoor room with air conditioning and indoor cages set up in case of emergencies. If any pet looks distressed at any time we bring it inside.

When the temperature reaches above 30 degrees someone is always home with the boarders and they are checked on every 20 minutes.

When the temperature reaches above 40 degrees the boarding pets are either brought inside or have constant supervision. We will literally sit with them every minute of the day to ensure their safety in the heat.


We have a large 7m x 2m enclosed area where boarding rabbits are allowed out each day to exercise, one family at a time.

We also have portable playpens and – weather permitting – we use these playpens to allow the bunnies to play on the grass.

We tend to find that guinea pigs are very happy to stay in their pens and can become scared if let out in a 7m play area. They are much more timid than rabbits and take longer to settle into a new environment. However we do know that every pet is different so will always ask you what your guinea pig prefers.


Indoor Rabbits

It is becoming more common for people to keep rabbits and even guinea pigs inside and we board lots of indoor pets.

We get asked all the time, “will my indoor rabbit be safe outside?” The answer is yes!

Most owners are concerned about the cold winter months. Our area is very sheltered and we provide extra containers and lots of warm bedding to keep your pet comfortable and healthy. They will not suffer in the cold.

Summer can be stressful for indoor rabbits and for this reason we take extra care. During summer we monitor our boarders more often and if they look at all unhappy we bring them inside to enjoy the air conditioning. We have indoor cages ready and the house is always cool.