Where Do They Stay

We have three different types of accommodation – Runs, Townhouses and Cages.

Please note we do not charge different fees for different accommodation types. We believe every customer should have the chance to book the larger enclosures so we operate on a first in best-dressed basis.

Runs: 2m long x 1m wide and walk in height

We have 9 custom built runs that were carefully planned and professionally built. At the time we did not realise just how popular boarding would become and wish now we had built more!

These are the most popular choice and are booked out well in advance for the school holidays and summer months.

These runs are large enough for 2 giant rabbits, 4 small rabbits or up to 12 guinea pigs.

All pets love their stay when they are lucky enough to get a run. They get to see their neighbours through the wire but are not able to come into direct contact with them.

They are larger than the majority of backyard hutches so a stay in one of our runs really does feel like a holiday for your pets.

Rabbit Boarding Run

Townhouses: 1.22m long x 0.75m wide x 0.80 high

After lots of research we decided that, while not as luxurious as the runs, these crates would live up to our exacting standards.

We don’t like banks of cages for boarding pets as they are often too narrow and the height means bunnies can’t stretch up high.

Our crates are wider and higher than a conventional 4-foot hutch. They have powder coated metal with plastic pull out trays that are easy to clean and more hygienic than timber banks.

They are also large enough to put our plastic tubs in so your pets are given an extra platform to sit on.

Townhouses are large enough for 1 medium sized rabbit, 2 small rabbits, or 4 guinea pigs.


Cages: 1.24m long x 0.50 wide x 0.60 high

We keep the cages folded up most of the year and when Christmas is approaching decide just how many boarders we want to take that year depending on several things including the weather and our personal circumstances.

These are set up in our outdoor undercover area and work well.


What do I need to bring?

The simple answer is – just your pets! We provide everything else they need.

The following are all optional items to consider bringing along:

  • A litter tray and litter if you decide you would like litter training to continue
  • Any food that you would like your pet fed that we do not provide
  • Any small toy that you think would make your pet is attached to and you feel would make it more comfortable in it’s new environment