Boarding Terms & Conditions

Your booking

A $50 non-refundable deposit is needed to confirm your booking. During peak times this must be received within 5 days of the boarding date or your booking may be forfeited.

50% of the balance of your booking must be paid at drop off time in cash. The remaining balance must be made prior to – or at – pick up. Pets will not leave without full payment being made.

Pets need to be dropped off and picked up between the hours of 10 am and 5.30 pm strictly by appointment only. Appointments out of hours may incur extra charges depending on circumstances. Customers more than 30 minutes late for an appointment may be charged additional fees or may have to come back at another time.

If you require boarding after the arranged pick up date please contact us as soon as possible. Full charges will apply.

If your pet is not collected on the arranged pick up date and contact has not been made your rabbit will be held for 7 days and then re-homed.

Any days booked but not used must be paid for in peak season and holiday periods. For example if you get home a day early from your Christmas holiday and wish to pick up.

If you cancel your booking you will forfeit the $50 deposit.

Your pet

All care is taken but we do not take responsibility ] in the unlikely event that your pet becomes ill or passes away.

You have the choice as to whether we take your pet to the vet if it becomes ill. It will be taken to Boronia Veterinary Clinic & Animal Hospital where we have a long-standing relationship with Dr Nicole Gunton who specialises in rabbits and small animals.

All vet fees must be covered by the customer along with a $20 transport fee.

In the extremely unlikely event that your pet passes away, we only require payment for boarding up until the day this occurs.

We do not take responsibility in the unlikely event that your rabbit contracts Calicivirus or Myxamatosis. These are rare conditions, however if they do come into our area are very difficult to control. In our 10 years we have not seen either on our property.

No responsibility will be taken if your pet contracts fur mites while staying with us. Unfortunately mites are carried in hay. They are contagious but are easily treated and not a huge threat to your pet’s long-term health.

No responsibility is taken if your rabbit contracts E-coli while staying with us. This is a very difficult disease and can only be screened for via blood tests. We control it via excellent hygiene and your pets never interacting with others.

To the best of your knowledge your pet is healthy and does not have any medical or contagious conditions.

We have the right to refuse a customer or pet for any reason we see fit.

If your pet has current health problems that are treatable we can discuss this and carry on with treatment at extra charges. If they present with a problem and we decide they need medical care it is up to the customer if they stay with us at extra cost or go home. If you take your pet home, your deposit will be lost.

If your pet presents with fur mites a treatment fee of $30 per pet for Revolution will be charged and also an isolation fee of $4 per night on top of your boarding fee until the problem is resolved. We cannot risk it spreading to others.

All rabbits must be up to date with their yearly vaccinations.

Your pet will be fed a balanced diet of hay, pellets and veggies. If it requires a different diet you must inform us and provide the alternative food.

We do not accept pets in the same enclosure if they have not been introduced previously, and are not used to living with each other. If your pets start fighting while staying with us and we see this as dangerous we will separate them for safety reasons and charges from that day for 2 separate enclosures will incur.

In the unlikely event of a bush fire, and an evacuation is needed, all pets will be fed, watered and set up as best possible then left behind. This includes our own rabbits, we appreciate your understanding that human life comes first.


At Bek’s Bunnies we charge the same for both rabbits and guinea pigs. We give the same excellent care to both, they take up the same amount of room, eat the same amount of food, and the same amount of cleaning. We know that some establishments charge different rates for rabbits and guinea pigs but we believe making one cheaper than the other is not fair.

Discounts are not available:

  • From 1st November – 1st March. In the summer months there is a lot more work involved in keeping your pet happy and healthy.
  • During any holiday period such as Easter, Christmas etc.

A $50 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your booking.

With the growing number of regulars it is essential that you book well in advance for all holiday periods. Customers are booking a year ahead now to get the large runs.

Your fees pay for:

  • A complete balanced diet.
  • Bedding changed regularly to keep your pet comfortable.
  • Exercise time, pats and cuddles.
  • Updates while you are away - if you wish.
  • Devotion to their happiness and wellbeing.