Why Choose Us

At Bek’s Bunnies we treat all rabbits and guinea pigs that board with us as if they were our own pets – with love, affection and every care taken for their health, comfort and wellbeing.

About Us

We pride ourselves in our professional, personal customer service and providing very best for our customers and their pets.

We are dedicated to, and passionate about, your boarding pet’s full-time care.

We feel so lucky that we are able to live our passion – using our extensive knowledge and experience to better the lives of our customers and their pets.

The gratitude we get from pet owners when they pick up their healthy and happy rabbit or guinea pig makes our job a joy.

Guinea Pig boarding has now become very popular at Bek’s Bunnies, with people realising these pets also need special care.

We spend time getting to know all our boarders, what they like to eat and how active they are, so if the situation changes we can do something about it.

Our regular boarders are considered part of our extended family, and customers have told us they feel as though their pets are having a holiday with us while they are away! We would love to welcome you and your pets as new additions to our happy family.

About our facilities

At Bek’s Bunnies your pets are housed in a custom-built semi enclosed outdoor setting.

The enclosures are 100% escape and predator proof. They are very well sheltered from the elements yet still offer that fresh air and lovely outdoor feeling you get in the Dandenong Ranges.

Although our enclosures are outdoors we house many indoor rabbits and find they enjoy the fresh air and neighbors.

If any of our boarders become distressed we have an indoor set up with plenty of cages and air-conditioning if necessary.

Approved by The Rabbit Doctor

The Rabbit Doctor

Dr Gerry Skinner is the founder of Melbourne’s most dedicated rabbit clinic, ’The Rabbit Doctors’ who operate from CARE in Collingwood and offer house calls throughout Victoria.

Dr Gerry’s passion & knowledge for bunnies and their care would be hard to match.

Since the beginning of 2017, Dr Gerry visits often to vaccinate our kits and in those visits has inspected and approved our rabbit boarding facilities. Our large runs remind her of the way bunnies are kept in the UK.

We are so pleased to now have The Rabbit Doctors recommending our facilities.

The Rabbit Doctor

Why board your rabbit or guinea pig?

Some people often ask why a person would board a rabbit or guinea pig? We believe that rabbits and guinea pigs are loved pets and part of the family.

They are also vulnerable animals that need constant care and attention – especially through the warmer months.

Rabbits and guinea pigs are extremely clever at hiding their feelings, so often neighbours or family members that may be left in charge of their care do not realise if they are sick or stressed.

We only board rabbits and guinea pigs. Some catteries do take in rabbits but we feel it is far from ideal, especially for those that are not used to spending time close to cats or dogs.