About Us

Located only 40 minutes from Melbourne CBD in the beautiful little town of Upwey both us and the bunnies get lots of fresh air.  We own both purebred Mini Lop and Cashmere Standard Lop rabbits as they make terrific companion bunnies.

Our main focus at Bek’s Bunnies is to make sure the public is aware of what is involved in owning a rabbit and help them choose the most appropriate set up and for them. We provide help to those who need advice on topics such as breeds, housing, sex and diet. We realise that many rabbits are purchased and then a few months down the track the family can know longer care for them and they end up at shelters. With our many years of experiences can help you find out if a rabbit is your next ideal pet.

Bek’s Bunnies also provide a rabbit boarding services for our kits to come back to when needed.  People understand it’s not always safe to leave their small pets with friends or neighbours. With our custom built boarding runs we look after our returning rabbits like they are our own.

About our breeding practises at Bek's Bunnies

We believe Mini Lop and Cashmere Lop breeds are the perfect companion rabbits because they are small, easy to handle and have lovely playful temperaments. They also enjoy human interaction and can become very attached to their owners.

We have a very small number of adult rabbits, allowing us to give them the very best care. We do not practice the more common breeding conditions of multiple tier banks that allow breeders to keep more rabbits in a smaller space. Instead our rabbits are housed in huge custom built outdoor runs with plenty of room to exercise, relax and bring up healthy litters in an open area.

Our goal at Bek’s Bunnies is to breed a small number of healthy, happy kits that we are proud of.

By providing the best possible lifestyle, housing, diet and attention our adult rabbits are healthy, stress-free and produce excellent kits with great personalities.

When we send our kits to their new home, we are confident that we have given them the best start in life. From birth the kits are handled daily to ensure they go to their new homes friendly and used to human interaction.

On top of having great personalities our kits are also the correct size and shape for their breed. With excellent breeding stock many of our rabbits go above and beyond average pet quality. Fed each morning, our rabbits get a combination of highly nutritious rabbit pellets, green leafy veggies, willow tree, apple tree, and herbs. Most of what they eat is organic and we believe this is why we have very little, if any, health problems in our rabbits. They have a constant supply of Rye and Clover hay and are often given sticks and branches to chew on for amusement and good dental management.

Rabbits are an important part of our family. Our 4 year old daughter enjoys feeding and watering and now has her own doe’s. She handles the kits from a young age so you can be assured that they get lots of attention from both adults and children. Some say rabbits are not suitable for young children, but we disagree. We believe that with appropriate adult supervision and the correct bunny most children can own a pet rabbit.