Bek’s Bunnies is located in the Dandenong Ranges about 45 minutes from the Melbourne CBD. We are breeders of Mini Lop and Cashmere Standard Lop rabbits and also provide professional rabbit boarding and guinea pig boarding services and advice.

Having grown up in a home full of furry friends that were part of the family, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to own a pet. From fish to horses and everything in-between it’s hard to imagine a life without a pet.

Rabbits are becoming a more popular choice of pet every year. By breeding excellent quality bunnies and providing great customer care we are helping to enrich the lives of both children and adults.

We believe that rabbits make the perfect pet. Mini Lop and Cashmere Standard Lop breeds have fantastic personalities and make great companions. They are curious, affectionate animals that often develop special relationships with their owners, provide hours of entertainment and can even learn to come to their names. They can also adapt to various living conditions, such as apartments, back decks and back yards.

Compared to pets such as dogs, rabbits are inexpensive and require much less time and space. After the initial set up they can cost as little as 50 cents a day to maintain and don’t need daily walks and a big backyard.

What’s not to love about a rabbit?


When purchasing your rabbit we meet where the bunnies are bred, and talk in a lovely little studio extensively about how to care for you new pet. Follow up advice is always available.


Our rabbits are loved, they are kept in humane conditions and fed excellent diets and in doing this produce lovely, healthy, friendly little babies.


Our boarding facilities are professional, yet personal and offer rabbits a fresh, safe, outdoor environment with plenty of room at affordable prices.

Vet Checked

Our rabbits are vet checked by Melbourne’s leading rabbit clinic – The Rabbit Doctors. Dr Gerry Skinner does full health checks and vaccinations at around 5 weeks of age. This gives you piece of mind that they are the correct sex, their teeth are good, they are healthy and vaccinated by a professional rabbit savvy vet.


If you want you can buy everything from the one place, saving both time and money. The brands we stock are top of the range and you can be sure we only sell what you actually need.


With well over a decade of experience, buying or boarding with us ensures you get quality rabbits & services.